Privacy Policy

This privacy policy pertains to kyotology.com which is run by the company Hosty Inc.
Visitors to our site are protected by the following policy. This includes all services provided by kyotology.co.jp such as hotel reservations, the reception of various inquiries, etc.

Fundamental Policy

We recognize the importance of protecting our customer's private information.
We believe it is our duty to adhere to laws and ordinances regarding the accusation, use, and handling of private information.
All information gained though this website will only be used for the purposes stated.

Range of Use

The following Privacy Policy is in use on for this website.

Use of Personal Information

Our website makes use of personal information for the following services:


- For the making and management of reservations.

2) Confirmation

- For confirming guest's identity at check-in.

3) Customer Service

- For contacting customers in response to inquiries, etc. so that we can better serve our customers and increase customer satisfaction.

4) Analysis and Improvements

- We use data about our customers to analyze trends and better improve quality of service and to more accurately target marketing.

5) Marketing

- Information may be used in creating new services for our own company and our partners and for making announcements and creating campaigns.

6) Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

- Our polices are grounded in and follow local laws and ordinances.

7) For other necessities in operating our business and services

- Personal information may be used when contacting customers regarding important notifications and in other contexts where it is important to contact customers directly.

About Personal Data Acquisition

Information Gathered

Information Provided Directly by Customers

  • Information about customers such as name, e-mail address, phone number, address, nationality, gender, age, and birthrate.
  • Other information pertained in forms of identification used to confirm identity such as drivers licenses and passports.
  • Credit card information (card type, card number, card holder name, expiration date, security code).
  • Requests regarding room type and other information related to special requests made by the customer.
  • Login ID and passwords (for members only).
  • Other information shared with consent from the customer.

Information Gathered Automatically

Information about user's communication terminal (Location, type of device used, browser type, as well as software information),
IP Address, language settings, location information, device settings, OS, log, access URL.

  • cookies used by user.
  • Cookies are messages that web servers pass to the web browser when visiting internet sites
    regarding usage history and text input data that is saved to the user's computer.
    We make use cookies to determine which pages customers are accessing and combine that with other customer data for analysis.
    Use of this data is outlined above in the section titled "Use of Personal Information".
    It is possible to turn off the use of cookies via your browser, but there are some of our services which you may loose access to.


    In the event where we outsource the handling of all or a percentage of personal data to another company we only select outsourcing contractors that adhere to local laws and ordinances as well as our own company's Personal Information Protection Policy.
    We continually monitor and assure that these protection policies are followed.
    The same policies are followed even when contracting again with previously utilized outsourcing contractors.

    About our traffic analysis tools.

    On our site we utilize the Google Analytics service provided by Google.
    Google Analytics gathers cookie data and uses it to gather traffic data.
    The traffic data is gathered anonymously and cannot be used to identify individuals.
    It is possible to disable cookies and decline to have this data gathered so please check your browser settings.
    Click here for more information on Google Analytics.

    Sharing Of Personal Information with a Third Party

    We take strict measures to protect our customer's personal information and apart from the following circumstances, never share that information with a third party.

    • With express permission from the customer.
    • When it is in accordance with the law.
    • When it is necessary for protecting life, body, or property and it is not possible to get permission in the moment.
    • When it is necessary to protect public health or the well-being of a child and it is not possible to get permission in the moment.
    • When a national government agency or local government body or someone acting under their authority requires that information and receiving permission to share personal data would prevent the relevant authorities from carrying out their duties.
    • When sharing personal data with a third party as outlined in "Use of Personal Information".
    • When releasing data in such a way that it is impossible to determine an individual.
    • When passing along data in the event of a merger or split.
    • When customers make payment via a credit card or some other third party payment service in order to pay usage charges as well as to prevent unauthorized usage we may share customer information with the credit card company or payment service. We recognize that customers consent to this when using these services to make payment.

    No matter the purpose, we will never sell or lend a customer's personal data to a third party without their permission.

    About Payment

    Payments made via credit card or other forms of payment are outsourced and handled by an outside contractor. Our company does not handle or maintain this information and customer information is safely handled and stored for an appropriate amount of time by the company responsible for processing payments.

    Personal Information in Different Regions

    Personal information provided by our customers is handled both in Japan and in various countries. Depending on the country there may not be laws existing like the GDPR used in the EU. In that case our company will take appropriate measures to protect our customer's information.


    We bear no responsibility for the content or services provided by outside websites accessed by following a link or banner on our site. We do our best to make sure that the content provided on our site is correct and up to date but there is a possibility that some information may be mistaken or out of date. We bear no responsibility for any damages or losses caused by information on our website.

    About Changes to our Privacy Policy

    On our website we follow the laws and ordinances of Japan concerning our customer's private information but we are always striving to review and improve our policy's content. When any changes are made they will be displayed on this webpage.

    Contact Information

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of private information (of if you would like to make any complaints regarding the retention of personal data) please contact us at the address below.
    E-mail to: reservation@hosty.jp