A narrow alleyway that sparks the traveler's imagination.
A soothing space imbued with the aesthetic sense of the Japanese unfurls before you.
"We want guests to feel Kyoto's charm with all of their senses and ease the weariness from their travels."
We are a boutique hotel built with these goals in mind.


Narrow alleyways tickle intellectual inquisitiveness.

Both the approach to the entrance and the hallways leading to the guest rooms are designed with the charming alleyways of Kyoto as their inspiration.


A soothing space waits at the end of the alley.

A narrow alleyway gives way to an open space that warmly welcomes the traveler.
Compared with the darkened passageway, the brightness of the guestroom makes the dimensions of it even more apparent.


The guestrooms are saturated with the sensitive nature of the Japanese people.

The design of the rooms is deliberately simple so that the beauty of the inner garden stands out and each room is decorated in a color scheme of subdued greys that were popular during the Edo period. Elements spread throughout the room give a certain impression of the essence of Japan, and that of Kyoto.
Soft, indirect lighting and a king sized bed are just what the weary traveler needs to fully relax.

A courtyard garden where you can feel the passing of time and the seasons.


Each room is furnished with its own private courtyard garden so that guests can enjoy observing the passage of the seasons and the movement of time.


We would love it if while getting in touch with the Japanese people's unique aesthetic and appreciation for both light and darkness, guests also familiarize themselves with the country of Japan as well as the city of Kyoto.


Room Guide

Inspired by the traditional townhouses of Kyoto each room is furnished with its own private garden.
Every room has a garden view and one can take in the beauty of nature to their heart's content. It is our goal to provide an environment where guests can feel a home-like comfort even while on a journey. We provide 5 types of rooms to choose from depending on the purpose of your visit and budget.


Floor Guide

We have prepared facilities with which to better enhance guest's time in Kyoto.
Please make full use of our entrance lounge and communal spaces.


Kyoto Tourism Information

tourist information

Our staff have selected a number of sight-seeing spots in Kyoto where guests can have a unique experience.


  • 電車のアイコン

    For guests coming by train

    Approximately a 20 minute walk
    from JR Kyoto Station
    Approximately a 10 minute walk
    from Keihan Shichijō Station

  • バスのアイコン

    For guests coming by bus

    3 minute walk from Imagumano Bus Stop
    4 minute walk from Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae Bus Stop

  • 車のアイコン

    For guests coming by taxi

    9 minute taxi ride from JR Kyoto Station

No parking is provided at HOTEL KYOTOLOGY.
If coming by car please make use of coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood.